‘Nazar’ for Jhumlawang Community Health Centre

Jhumlawang, July 18, 2013.

‘Nazar’ is Padma Linkha Magar’s debut album. Strong believer of ‘have to do whatever we can do for improvement of lives’, she has decided to donate the entire amount collected from the album for the operation of the Jhumlawang Community Health Centre.

Lyricist Padma, born in Mamling, Sankhuwasabha of Eastern Nepal, became member of Jhumlawang village, Rukum of Mid-Western Nepal by marriage nearly two decades ago. From the very beginning of the establishment of JVF-Nepal, she has been actively involved in plans, programmes and projects along with her husband Durlabh Magar from New York, USA.

Her latest initiative is dedicating her music album and its profits to establish fund for continuous operation of Community Health Centre being operated by JVF in Jhumlawang. The entire amount generated from the sale of the CD, CRBT/PRBT will be collected in the JVF fund for Health Centre. “Everyone is doing whatever they can from every corner of the world for the development of our village,” she said, “It’s very inspiring.” She says she is doing her duty towards the community as well through her words and music, just like other members of the community, partners and supporters.

The album, ‘Nazar’ was formally inaugurated by honourable Chancellor of Nepal Music and Drama Academy, Musician Amber Gurung in Kathmandu dated on June 22, 2013. It has total of seven songs. Musician Rajesh Thapa is the music composer while vocals are given by Nepal’s famous singers: Rajesh Payal Rai, Rima Gurung, Anju Panta, Sworup Raj Acharya, Deepak Limbu, Udaya Sotang and Sangeeta Rana. Songs like ‘Gunaso chha aaphai sanga…’, ‘Timro muhar…’, ‘Nazar bata tadha…’, ‘Mero sansar timi nai hau…’ have been receiving very positive response from audience.

JVF family would like to thank all the supporting hands involved to bring out the music album in the market. We acknowledge the efforts made by musician Rajesh Thapa who also took the responsibility of recordings and managements, singers, technical assistants, cover designer, Landmark Architects and Nistha Music Pvt. Ltd. We cannot forget Mr. Tibbat Darlami for his constant concerns and suggestions during the production of this album.

Jhumlawang Community Health Centre, one of the major projects of JVF-Nepal was open for basic health facilities as soon as building’s main section was completed in October 2012. In 2010, the health centre project began after community felt the urgent need of hospital nearby as they had to walk for days to reach hospitals even for minor treatment.

JVF’s target is to gradually upgrade infrastructures of health post and establish 15 bed hospital in 10 years. For now, it is open for basic health facilities to Jhumlawang villagers and people from neighbouring villages which make of about 25,000 in population.

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