Volunteer Program

Our volunteering program provides an opportunity for you to offer your skills, expertise and enthusiasm to join with us in our mission to make this village a “Role Model” in a field of sustainable-based development.

The foundation believes that the volunteerism should be like two way traffic. You offer us your invaluable time, skills and expertise not only to help us to transfer our vision/dream into reality, but also make to believe that people from thousands miles away do care to make a positive differences in lives of others.

In return, we will provide you a life time opportunity to see, and experience yourself about living in a community. During your volunteering with us, apart from assigned work, you will be actively participating in our cultural and social activities to learn about the people, culture and environment that have been passed to us by our forefathers and mothers for generations.

Cost of Program:

If you are the person who holds transferrable skills, knowledge, and willingness to offer your invaluable service to our community, you do not have to pay a single penny during your volunteering with us.

All the cost that you have to bear is getting here, and after completion of your volunteering, return to your next destination. That would include domestic and international flights, airport taxes, visa cost, medical and travel insurance, local transportation, food and drinks on the way according to your budget.


We will provide you basic and safe (usually shared) accommodation. For medical volunteers, you will have an accommodation within our community health centre building. For others, there will be a guest room in our Community Centre building once it is completed. However, until completion of this building, you will be staying with one of the families in the village.


For your food, all families from our community donate seasonal harvest (barley, buckwheat, beans, lentils, maize, millet, potatoes, and wheat) twice a year. We will not be able to offer you varieties of foods that one can get in cities, but rest assure that you will have fresh and organic foods twice a day (mostly, maize porridge called Dhido and vegetable curry) that we grow in our village.

However, if you would like to have something different food that we cannot provide, you may be able to buy them from neighbouring town Rukumkot, which is about 6 hours walk from the village.

Fundraising/ Donation:

However, if you would like to do fundraising or make a donation, before or after volunteering with us, for our ongoing projects or even upcoming projects, you are more than welcome to do so. Your contribution will certainly help us to speed up to complete our projects. In that case, please just let us know which project you would like to support so that we could provide you more specific details about the project to assist you to make a donation or do fundraising.

When you come to our village, you become our guest and a member of the community. That is one of the reasons why you do not have to pay single penny for admin, accommodation and food during your time with us.

Program Duration:

From 1 to 3 months.

Due to its remoteness, and time it take to reach here from Kathmandu, we prefer to have volunteers who have time on their hands. Longer the better because you will have enough time to get to know the community, give your service to those who are most in need, and also enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

Areas for volunteering:


Jhumlawang Community Health Centre (JCHC)

JCHC was opened on 29th October 2012 with two full time staffs: Mr Shiva K. Magar- Community Health Assistant, and Mrs Parbati Gurung- Pharmacist, to offer very basic health services to our community members and people from neighbouring villages.

We do not have trained medical doctor and nurse in our centre and we do not have financial resources to hire them at the moment. So, we are looking volunteer medical doctors, midwife and nurses all year around.


Primary School Jhumlawang & Higher Secondary School, Sima

We have a primary school (early learning to grade 5) in Jhumlawang, which will be upgraded to Lower Secondary School by 2017. At the moment, after completion of their primary school education, children have to walk at least 3 hours a day (return) to reach to our neighbouring Higher Secondary School Sima to continue their study.

We are looking for volunteers in both schools to teach Arts (both- performing and visual), English, Mathematics and Science.

Other Areas:

Apart from our current primary areas, there are many other fields that you could volunteer in our ongoing and upcoming development projects. If you are a business entrepreneur, herbalist or veterinarian, we would like to hear from you.

If you are specialized or have knowledge and transferable skills in any other areas that we have not listed here, does not mean that we are not looking to have you in our community. So, if you believe that your time being with us will make a positive difference in lives of community members one way or other, please, do not hesitate to contact us.


The foundation believes that volunteerism should be like two-way traffic. You offer us your invaluable time, skills, and expertise not only to help us to transfer our vision/dream into reality, but also make to believe that people from thousands of miles away do care to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Get In Touch With Us

Have any questions about our Volunteer Program, please call us. You can also message us, we’re always looking for new people to volunteer and help us in helping everyone that needs around the world. Feel free to contact us!

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