Welfare Nepal

Welfare Nepal is a Charity Organization Registered with Australian Charity Not-for–profit Commission (ACNC) and Consumers Affairs Australia. Established in 2015, this organisation comprises of over 50 members and volunteers.

Welfare Nepal runs various charity fund raising events throughout the year. Welfare Nepal was established with a vision to empower disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Nepal. Welfare Nepal is in a mission to educate children from the disadvantage and vulnerable communities, as it is a key to sustainable growth of society with better health, well being and economy. The projects are designed to motivate and support the students and families toward education.

Learn more about Fastenaktion at http://www.welfarenepal.org

Fastenaktion, End Hunger Together

Fastenaktion is the aid organization of Catholics in Switzerland. Fastenaktion committed to disadvantaged people – to a fairer world and to overcome hunger and poverty. Fastenaktion promote social, cultural, economic and also individual changes towards a sustainable lifestyle. For this purpose, Fastenaktion work with partner organizations in 14 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America as well as with organizations in Switzerland.

Fastenaktion is currently realizing around 330 projects with smallholder networks, solidarity groups, as well as church and civil society organizations. In the 14 state programs, around 633,000 people benefit directly from our commitment. A majority of the projects in our state programs are financially supported by the Directorate for Development and Cooperation (Deza).

Learn more about Fastenaktion at https://fastenaktion.ch

Foghlaim, IRELAND

Foghlaim’s key aim is to assist small local or indigenous NGO’s, CBO’s, Charities in developing countries who work directly with local communities to bring about educational change. These NGOs are typically locally run, community participative and often struggle to raise funding.

We have local NGO/ CBO partners in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and Vietnam. We work with communities and children who are often ignored or marginalized or who often miss-out on aid delivered via larger NGOs or Government agencies. All of the projects are run by and based within local communities. With innovative ideas, community effort, a human rights focus and access to even small amounts of funding, it is amazing to see how real change can happen.

GRC Solidarity, ITALY

GRC Solidarity is a non-profit organization, formed and run exclusively by volunteers, who work mainly in the Municipality of Breganze, Vicenza, Italy.

The organization raises funds to “invest” in solidarity projects within the communities in Italy, and Internationally through an economic activity, which takes place mainly in the field of ecology, and environmental protection.

This is a small local association, can be regarded as a true small business enterprise, and in this capacity is related in a regular and ongoing basis with government agencies, businesses, other organizations, and private citizens and works on basis of principle of cooperation between institutions, volunteers, and citizens.

Learn more about GRC Solidarity at http://www.grcsolidarieta.it

Association Partages, FRANCE

Association Partages has been supporting education of children in Rukum and Sindhupalchok districts of Nepal since 2005 by offering them annual scholarship, hiring additional teachers for primary schools, and working together with communities to renovate school buildings and build new ones.

Christine Kieffer, Chairwoman

Learn more about Association Partages at http://perso.nordnet.fr/christine.kieffer/partages

Association Humanitaire Partage et Soins, FRANCE

Association Humanitaire Partage et Soins organised free health camp twice: 2008 and 2009 in Jhumlawang. Now, it is one of the major partners for JVF’s ongoing Community Health Centre project.

Véronique Chenat
[email protected]

Mountain Monarch Adventures (MMA), NEPAL

Mountain Monarch is aware of its role on social responsibility. We therefore assist to enthusiastic individuals, groups and organizations who have been working hard to support local communities in remote parts of Nepal to build up better school buildings and drinking water projects.

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Learn more about Mountain Monarch Adventures (MMA) at http://www.mountainmonarch.com/


Rapti Samaj UK is members based organization established in 17th November 2007 with a mission to bring all people who originally come from Rapti Zone Nepal, and now have been living, working and studying in UK under one umbrella. It is non-political, non-ethnic and non-religious organization.

These are the main objectives: Unite all Raptiwasi in UK, Practice, preserve and teach Nepali culture to young generation, Identify and support its members in UK who are in need of emotional or financial support, Grant financial support to those communities in Nepal which are either need of support due to natural disaster or working hard to build up better infrastructures for Education and Health sectors in Rapti Zone.


The foundation believes that volunteerism should be like two-way traffic. You offer us your invaluable time, skills, and expertise not only to help us to transfer our vision/dream into reality, but also make to believe that people from thousands of miles away do care to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

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Any questions about our partnership, please call us. You can also message us, we’re always looking for new people to volunteer and help us in helping everyone that needs around the world. Feel free to contact us!

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