Scholorship Distribution in Jhumlabang

Jhumlawang, Nepal – February 21, 2011 – Twenty students of Primary School, Jhumlawang were handed over the stationery matters to help them in their studies on Monday. One of our France based partner organisations – Association Partages which focuses on supporting children in their education and basic health awareness provided those materials to students.

Mr Sher Bahadur Shrestha, President of Jhumlawang Primary School Management Committee, handed those stationery materials to students studying in grade one to five. Stationery matters included pen/pencils, geometry boxes, colour papers, drawing papers and students were also given soaps to encourage healthy habits.

Association Partage gives these supports in every 3 months. These stationary are given to the students with financial problem and those who need encouragement in studies.

Students who have been receiving scholarship from Association Partages in coordination with JVF-NEPAL

On the occasion, President Shrestha thanked the Association Partages Villeplane for its continues support and helping student on shaping their future. “For these children in this small corner of the world, these materials are priceless,” he said, “We can never be able to thank the organization for giving these students encouragement and helping hand in their studies.

Name lists of the students who received the stationery supports this month are given below:

Name (class)

  1. Bhagyasari Gurung (1)
  2. Suman B.K (1)
  3. Jun Prasad B.K (1)
  4. Prem Kumari B.K (1)
  5. Bishal Budha (1)
  6. Dhani Siris (1)
  7. Milina Gurung (1)
  8. Anita B.K (A) (2)
  9. Anita B.K (B) (2)
  10. Karma Kumari Malla (2)
  11. Mohani Rana (2)
  12. Binod B.K (2)
  13. Ritu B.K (2)
  14. Neb Bahadur B.K (2)
  15. Sharmila Shrestha (3)
  16. Gore B.K (3)
  17. Prem Shrestha (3)
  18. Thani Shrestha (4)
  19. Tek Man Shrestha (4)
  20. Topebdra Roka (5)

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