Construction for Community Health Center takes off

Kathmandu, Jan 14 – For Gaj Bahadur Gurung and Thum Kumari Budha of Jhumlabang village not a single day passes by without the thought, “If there was a hospital nearby, I would still have my child with me.” They lost their grown-up sons in separate accidents few years back.

If there was a hospital in village or neighboring village there were chances of their children’s survival. It is with this realization; they had donated the plots of land for the Community Health Center (CHC) project of JVF-NEPAL in memory of their sons. With the dream that one day others will not be as helpless as they were.

This dream of theirs along with other villagers is becoming a reality.

Construction of Community Health CentreThe CHC’s construction work has started from 25th November and JVF-NEPAL has aimed to complete the building construction by the end of this year. JVF-NEPAL hopes to operate CHC from beginning of 2012. It will serve not only community members of Jhumlawang (850 people), but more than 25,000 people coming from around the region who have been suffering from basic health issues for years.

The project is combined effort of the community members, friends of JVF members and well-wishers from around the world. It is particularly funded by Association Humanitaire Partage et Soins (AHPS), a France based organization. The estimated budget for the project is € 65,000.00 (Sixty Five Thousand Euro) of which AHPS has committed to contribute € 58,000.00.

Community Center Building Project

In the meantime, The Community Cultural Centre (TCCC)’s foundation work has started. However, due to the lack of fund and skilled manpower, the work beyond that has been halted for time being.JVF-CC2010-14

JVF-NEPAL aims to complete the multi-purpose community house by end of 2011. Once it is completed, it will function as meeting/training hall which will accommodate around 50 people, as wells as 2 double bed rooms for our guests/ volunteers and a library. The plot of land for this project was donated by Ram Prasad Gurung, in memory of his late parents. The estimated budget of this project is € 45,000.00.

The community members of the village are working voluntarily to contribute at least 25% of the total budget for each project. Diaspora members are contributing with their expertise and by giving about 5% of their earnings. They are also co-ordinating fundraising events around the world for this and upcoming future projects of JVF-NEPAL.

One of JVF-NEPAL’s Diaspora members, the Architect Mr Ajay Magar is leading a team of four sub-civil engineers- Mr Chhaya Budha, Mr Laxman Budha, Mr Tejendra Budha and Mr Shyam Thapa (all from Jhumlawang) to design these projects and oversee over all construction of the buildings.

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