Volunteers’ Diary

Voluntarism in Jhumlawang

Dharma! Academically, the word is understood as ‘religion’. However, in Jhumlawang, people use the word ‘dharma’ to mean ‘the good work’. It is specially used

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More Volunteers’ Diary

A Japani Dakdor in Our Door

Jhumlawang, Rukum: Dr Ryukichi Ishida is a very quiet person. He does not make noise and rarely makes you feel his presence. And yet, whenever

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Impatiently waiting to Return…
  It is hard to describe this truly human experience I lived in Jhumlawang…Even before I arrived, I could feel the warmness and protection of the members of this community. The ...
Namaskar from Sara Kumari
Sara Gonzalez MEXICO June, 2013 “Greetings from 2070! I am back to the “wired” world with many more stories after another wonderful sharing time in the middle of the Nepalese mountains. This time ...